Soft ground forecast as Flat turf season begins at Doncaster

Turf action Conditions look set to be soft for the first meeting of the Flat turf season at Doncaster at the weekend, featuring the 32Red Lincoln on Saturday.
Clerk of the course Roderick Duncan reports the snow from the latest cold snap to have virtually thawed by Monday lunchtime and that the forecast for the rest of the week is favourable.
"We're soft, very soft on the round course by the Bawtry Road, bordering on heavy but not quite there," he said.
"We have a predominately dry forecast now. The snow has all but gone. The forecast is a little bit divided whether or not it is going at the meeting, on the Saturday anyway.
"I can't see it improving greatly. It's just that time of the year. I expect we will be on predominately soft ground. It might be a bit better on the straight but I don't think I'll be calling it any better.
"Going on from today, the temperatures are climbing throughout the week.
"There's quite a nice forecast for the Sunday of the meeting. They are forecasting that day to be in double figures."