Doncaster announces second inspection for Tuesday card

Doncaster action Doncaster's meeting on Tuesday is subject to a further inspection at 7am.
Clerk of the course Roderick Duncan called an initial check for 3pm on Monday as the track is frozen in places - despite being covered in the vulnerable areas.
Conditions have improved considerably through Monday but a further inspection is required.
"It's improved a bit, we still have frozen places on the hurdle course so we'll look again," said Duncan.
"The forecast is for it to remain above freezing so hopefully it thaws overnight.
"Temperatures could drop around daybreak and there is a chance of an air frost then so we'll just have to wait and see."
Wednesday's meeting at Ayr is also under threat, with an inspection planned for 8am on Tuesday.
The track is reported to be frozen in places after temperatures dropped as low as -4C overnight, and o fficials are anticipating another night of freezing temperatures on Monday.